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Artificial Inteligence & Inclusion

This short article seeks to explore intersections between the concepts of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and inclusion and their potential for societal transformation toward social justice and scientific improvement.

For more perspectives on Citizen Social Science

Data_labe will take over curation of content on the Global Perspectives tab in 2023. The organization believes in the centrality of peripheries in constructing full rights societies and aims to bring diverse voices together to discuss and guide...

Discourse on Decolonizing the Education System in South Sudan

By Andrew Anda Wöndu The formal educational system in South Sudan has its origins in the mid-nineteenth-century British colonial period. Christian missionaries set up mission schools to train natives for evangelization and recruitment into the...

Ethical standard setting in OCSS communities

Nurturing a shared understandings of concepts and opening up knowledge in cross-disciplinary research By Kersti R. Wissenbach Critical Making session during DOtS 19, Nakuru, Kenya On September 22, GIG hosted its final hangout addressing pressing...