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For more perspectives on Citizen Social Science

Gilberto Vieira, from data_labe

In 2023 data_labe will take over curation of the content published on the Global Perspectives tab of this website. This means a lot to us. We have been facing extreme political challenges in Brazil for seven years now. The advance of the radical right, following what has been happening since 2008 in the US, reached its peak in the last four years. In the favelas and peripheries, where we come from and where we are, the narrative disputes gain more strength as the few rights we have won are being undermined. We are positioned in this dispute. Scientific denialism and misinformation have gained strength as counter-hegemonic and innovative actions have been developed. I don’t even need to comment on the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic for the world’s most impoverished populations.

I have already written here that science and politics must be thought of together. At data_labe, we believe in the centrality of the peripheries for the construction of full rights societies, so it is also necessary to question where are the peripheries (territorial, sensorial, socioeconomic, of thought) in the construction of the science of the future and their belonging.

The texts that will be published in Global Perspectives will follow the categories developed in recent years in order to bring together diverse voices that continue to discuss and guide Citizen Social Sciences so that it can be truly inclusive. You will find texts that are a little more academic, others more relaxed, reports on transformative initiatives in specific territories, or broader reflections. All content should be produced by communities that are vying for more diversity in universities, civil society, and governments, especially in the global South.

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