CoAct Toolkit—Co-designing Citizen Social Science for Collective Action

CoAct Toolkit—Co-designing Citizen Social Science for Collective Action

What is the toolkit?

Hello and Welcome to CoAct project’s Toolkit. The Toolkit is an open resource that provides practical and technical information on the citizen social science methods that CoAct co-researchers applied in their projects. The CoAct Toolkit allows for the easy adoption of the CSS approach by civil society organisations, NGOs,  public bodies, and social innovators.

Here we briefly explain what “citizen social science” is (CSS) and why you may want to learn about it. In the Toolkit, we also present the CoAct Research Cycle and explain some key points that may help you design and conduct your social-action project on topics that matter to you and your community. With this Toolkit, we aim to provide academic and non-academic researchers, community partners, and citizen initiatives with tools and methods to develop their CSS projects in local settings. Our mission is to present an accessible and valuable framework to practice community-based research and collective action for citizens.

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What is Citizen Social Science? Citizen Social Science (CSS) is a research approach that aims to devise practical solutions to societal problems by examining and learning from citizens’ knowledge and day-to-day experience of these challenging issues. In other terms, a CSS project collects citizen-generated data, develops data literacy, and improves “open science“ objectives. In practical terms, this translates into engaging citizens as co-researchers as, co-designers and co-interpreters of social data. This innovative and underutilized research approach aims to be participatory and directly driven by citizen groups sharing a social concern.