Environmental Justice

The Matanza Riachuelo is a heavily contaminated 64 km long river that runs along the southern peripheries of the city of Buenos Aires. There are three sources of contamination: sewage, industrial waste, and garbage. It is estimated that health and living conditions are highly risky for at least 1.7 million people living in the river basin.

Why Citizen Social Science for Environmental Justice in Buenos Aires?

Policy actions in the basin must include the understanding of the affected population about the nature and meaning of such socio-environmental risks, to ensure robust social participation needed to guarantee environmental justice.

We understand Environmental Justice as fair and meaningful participation of all people directly affected by environmental pollution. This includes participation in decision-making processes, in the definition of what the problem, as well as the social-environmental risks, are, and in the design of actions to mitigate these risks. Therefore, gathering information about how different groups of citizens in the Matanza-Riachuelo basin think about and identify these risks is very much needed.

How will it happen?

The project will have a direct impact on raising the visibility of the problems of living and working in Matanza-Riachuelo basin. We will use different tools to achieve this goal, e.g. collective mapping methodologies to identify key categories of social/environmental harm within a population, workshops to co-design the research, and a public-access database that will be generated using an open source platform