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Our Ethical Values

All CoAct partners have agreed to respect and promote the following Ethical Values: 
  • Inclusiveness is crucial in CoAct as it wants to enhance the participation of vulnerable and usually under-represented collectives in a research process.
  • Horizontality is carefully considered in all the research co-design balancing power and sharing responsibility with all participants.
  • Equity is another important value since efforts and resources are planned to be equitably distributed among participants and all these efforts are planned to be carefully acknowledged. 
  • Trust and Respect are fundamental values that are strongly promoted along with the project. All participants must freely express themselves in an informal and non-judgemental atmosphere. 
  • Open Science principles are keys in the knowledge production of the project. All materials, datasets and results are planned to be openly accessible under CC licenses. 
  • Co-ownership is planned to be considered in all different outputs of the project and based on the efforts of all engaged participants. They are going to be considered co-owners of materials and results collectively generated and invited to contribute as co-authors of the resulting (scientific) publications.
  • Empowerment is an important approach that runs throughout all phases of the research projects. By means of the R&I Actions, participants should develop more power to act and explore options for action for the respective concern. 
  • Reflexivity accompanies us throughout the entire research process. Our own actions and attitudes should be regularly questioned regarding hierarchies, reproduction of discriminatory behaviour and inclusiveness.