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CoAct Open Calls on Gender Equality

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We are launching three open calls to foster CSO-led Citizen Social Science projects on Gender Equality. Any non-profit organisation registered in the eligible countries can apply.

If you are a CSO working on Gender Equality, apply between July 1st and Sept 30th, 2021. Before applying, we recommend that you read the Applicant Guide and review the Application Form.

About the Open Calls

CoAct is launching a call for proposals, inviting civil society initiatives to apply for our cascading grants with max. 20.000,- Euro to conduct Citizen Social Science research on the topic of Gender Equality. A maximum of four (4) applicants will be selected across three (3) different open calls. Applications from a broad range of backgrounds are welcome, including feminist, LGTBQ+, none-binary and critical masculinity perspectives.

Gender Equality & Sustainable Cities and Communities

CSOs in Berlin & Brandenburg area

Gender Equality & Decent Work and Economic Growth

CSOs in Eastern Europe

Gender Equality & Opportunities and Risks of Digitalization

International CSOs in the EU

We understand Citizen Social Science as participatory research co-designed or directly driven by citizen groups that share a particular social concern. In CoAct projects citizens act as co-researchers throughout the entire research process and are recognized as in-the-field competent experts being equal actors in all phases. Citizen science in general, and our open calls in particular, are relevant to civic organisations which incorporate citizen engagement, community building or any kind of collective action as part of their projects.

Why should I apply

CoAct will provide funding for a research project (10 months max), alongside dedicated activities, resources and tools to set up and run the research project.
CoAct will provide a research mentoring program for your team. In collaborative workshops you will be supported to co-design and explore available tools, working together with the CoAct team to achieve your goals.
CoAct will connect you to a community of people and initiatives, tackling similar challenges and contributing to common aims. You will have the opportunity to discuss your projects with the other grantees and, moreover, are invited to join CoAct´s broader Citizen Social Science network.

You should apply if you:

are an ongoing Citizen Social Science project looking for support, financial and otherwise, to grow and become sustainable;
are a community interested in co-designing research to generate new knowledge about gender equality topics, broadly defined;
are a not-for-profit organization focusing on community building, increasing the visibility of specific communities, increasing civic participation, and being interested in exploring the use of Citizen Social Science in your work.

How to apply

All the information presented here can be found in the Guide for Applicants. To apply for any of the three Open Calls, you should:

Be a not-for-profit organization, legally registered and operating in the European Union
Select the Open Call relevant to your work and interest
Verify the specific eligibility criteria of the Open Call
Use the online form to submit your application

Below you can find descriptions of each Open Call, including the specific eligibility criteria:

Open Call 1

“Sustainable cities and communities” (SDG 11) is addressing initiatives in the Berlin and Brandenburg region that aim for making cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable for all its inhabitants. Proposals should examine gender inequalities in affordable housing and/or urban planning as well as projects that promotes social, economic, environmental sustainability through community building around the topic of gender equality in its broadest sense.

Eligibility criteria:
– Applicant should be a non-profit
– The candidate organisation should be registered in the Berlin and Brandenburg region.

Open Call 2

“Decent work and economic growth” (SDG 8) is addressing organisations in Eastern Europe. Whereas women in the EU earn on average over 16% less per hour than men this figure becomes is even higher in Eastern Europe Countries. Trans and intersexual and none-binary people are facing even harder forms of discrimination regarding their work opportunities (EC 2018).

Eligibility criteria:
– Applicant should be a non-profit
– The candidate organisation should be registered in one of the following countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia.

Open Call 3

“Opportunities and risks of digitalization” is open to international civic organisations operating in the EU. It has been pointed out that digital spaces are gendered spaces which hinder for example the participation of young women and that digital norms are exacerbated online (EIGE 2019). Proposals should address the issues related to gender inequalities in online spaces, due, in part, to issues such as the gender dynamics of online platforms and the exposure to online harassment.

Eligibility criteria:
Applicant should be a non-profit
The candidate organisation should have operations in at least two European countries.
The candidate organisation should be registered in a member country of the European Union.

Timeline and deadlines

Opening date: July 1st 2021, 12:00am GMT
Closing date: September 30th 2021, 12:00am GMT

Contact and FAQ

To contact us for questions and clarifications, send an email to opencalls@coactproject.eu


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