Research Diary – CoAct for Mental Health microstories writing

Research Diary – CoAct for Mental Health microstories writing

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The Research Diary is a hardcover publication that guides Co-Researchers during the process of writing microstories based on their personal experiences. In CoAct for Mental Health, the microstories relate to the different social environments of social support networks (e.g. closest family, close friends, intimate relationships, social relations at work or in the neighborhood, etc.) but the Research Diary could be adapted to a variety of research topics, where personal lived experiences play a crucial role. This standalone and accessible tool has been proved to serve as a useful bridge between the online co-creation sessions, and the Co-Researchers offline individual work. The written microstories have been afterwards uploaded into a Telegram chatbot (see Chatbot tool).

multiple sessions5-10 people

Download research_diary_summary_eng.pdf

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