Chatbot “CoActuem per la Salut Mental” – CoAct for Mental Health

Chatbot “CoActuem per la Salut Mental” – CoAct for Mental Health

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The tool is a Telegram chatbot that sends and receives content in an automated way. It facilitates the collection of responses from hundreds or more of participants over a long period of time via the Telegram messaging application in private conversations with the chatbot. Each day, it sends one or several microstories (short texts) to the participants, who submit their own relation and reaction to the described situations via buttons. In this case, the microstories relate to lived experiences in the context of mental health but they could also relate to a variety of other social concerns. These microstories were all written by Co-Researchers supported by a professional writer and contextualized by texts written by the research team in plain and gender neutral language. To improve user experience, most microstories are accompanied by an illustration by a graphic artist that expresses the feelings and the spirit of each microstory jointly with the Co-Researcher that wrote the microstory.

Technicalmultiple sessionsmore than 50 people

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