Open Science Diplomacy to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic

Open Science Diplomacy to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic

Katja Mayer, 6 July 2020

The Coronavirus crisis shows us how fragile and sensitive our living environments are. Everywhere taken for granted infrastructures collapse, or it becomes clear that they are insufficiently available or maintained. It has become apparent that we are far from having an overview of the situation. Everywhere researchers and journalists call for more data to combat the spread of the virus, and for more evidence to understand policy measures. In some areas data is already available, and openly shared, such as the genetic sequence of the virus. In other domains, data are pouring in slowly, are not publicly accessible or simply not available at all, i.a. for the study of the socio-economic determinants of the pandemic. It is now high time for international cooperation and coordination regarding the sharing of such data, including the lessons learned from it.

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