Citizen Social Science Toolkit

Citizen Social Science Toolkit

What will the toolkit be about?

One outcome of our participatory process towards crafting a Citizen Social Science framework will be the collective shaping of an open Citizen Social Science Toolkit. A variety of instruments will be made accessible to support existing resources. This should support existing or newly forming initiatives in their approaches to tackle societal challenges.

The toolkit format aims to allow for the easy adoption of the Citizen Social Science approach by civil society organisations, NGOs, public bodies, and social innovators.

What will the toolkit offer?

The toolkit will offer a variety of free and open access tools re-usable by everyone interested. Examples are a co-­design guide based on an agile methodology, an inclusive toolbox, evaluation tools, or an open source digital platform allowing for citizen generated data related to environmental risks.

Who could use it?

These ready and easy-­to-­use tools will be openly accessible and freely available to everyone. They are specifically tailored towards the use by researchers in all disciplines and citizens acting as co-­researchers, alongside policy makers, public bodies, CSOs, and SMEs.