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Universitat de Barcelona (UB)

Who are we?

UB was founded in 1450, and it is ranked within the top highest public universities in Spain. OpenSystems is a multidisciplinary group in the Department of Condensed Matter Physics of UB (within the Complexity Lab Barcelona) and the Institute of Complex Systems.

How do we matter for CoAct?

OpenSystems methodology is based on community processes and public participation that focuses on arts and public participation as core methodological approaches to science. The group works together with many actors and builds tailor-made research in order to address social concerns and issues, mostly grounded in urban contexts. OpenSystems is fully committed with the emerging Citizen Social Science methodology and can bring in its experience in Citizen Science co-created project with citizens in vulnerable situations, youth, or public library users, to cite a few.

Our role within CoAct?

UB serves as the project coordinator of CoAct and is in the leading role of Research and Innovation Action #1 Mental Health Care in Barcelona. UB will also support the R&I Actions being developed and implemented in Vienna and Buenos Aires as well as the bottom-­up pilot Research & Innovation Actions focusing on Gender Equality in a Pan-European perspective.

Furthermore, UB will be involved in the development, evaluation, and impact assessment of the methodological framework, as well as internal capacity building and the project’s exploitation strategy.

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