Co-Designing Citizen Social Science for Collective Action

As CoAct, we propose a radically new approach to tackle social global concerns related to mental health care, youth employment, environmental justice and gender equality by engaging citizens acting as co-researchers.

CoAct Webinar
June. 22nd, 2021

Our partner GIG is organising CoAct’s third webinar. This time we will discuss the framing of science by learning how scientifically rigor research is done outside academia.  We want to take a global perspective, learning from participatory research initiatives in different contexts when asking questions, such as:  How is scientific research understood? How is scientific research done from within civil society? How does civil society collaborate with academia in their research?  Three participatory researchers from civil society organisations in Brazil, Canada, and Ghana will share their work and experience with …

Registrations for the CoAct CSS school (September 13-23, 2021) are open!

The school takes impulse from the CoAct project experiences and partners. It aims to invigorate the academic community around a wide set of Citizen Social Science practices while providing a critical view on their strengths and challenges.   School participants will have the opportunity to discuss, identify and develop skills to conduct a Citizen Social Science project. The school will explore aspects and dimensions to be considered and will provide tools and resources. It will introduce participants to visions, disciplines and methods helping to …

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