Co-Designing Citizen Social Science for Collective Action

As CoAct, we propose a radically new approach to tackle social global concerns related to mental health care, youth employment, environmental justice and gender equality by engaging citizens acting as co-researchers.

Global Perspectives Launch Event

Over the last three years, GIG acted as consortium partner of the Horizon 2020 project CoAct, which set out to develop a Citizen Social Science Approach. As one of our main responsibilities was to build a community, we made it one of our core missions to increase diversity of perspectives and to demonstrate the plenitude of…

Discourse on Decolonizing the Education System in South Sudan

By Andrew Anda Wöndu The formal educational system in South Sudan has its origins in the mid-nineteenth-century British colonial period. Christian missionaries set up mission schools to train natives for evangelization and recruitment into the colonial administration. UNESCO defines formal education as “institutionalized, intentional, and planned through public organizations and recognized private bodies.” Its activities also…

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