Co-Designing Citizen Social Science for Collective Action

As CoAct, we propose a radically new approach to tackle social global concerns related to mental health care, youth employment, environmental justice and gender equality by engaging citizens acting as co-researchers.

Call for Videos Shaping Citizen Social Science together

Citizen Science is Social!, a fringe event of the Citizen Science – SDG Conference, Berlin October 14 & 15. We are CoAct and SoCis – a coalition of civil society organisations and university research institutes across Europe and Latin America. We are working towards a new understanding of the unexplored field of Citizen Social Science, […]

Open Science Diplomacy to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic

Katja Mayer, 6 July 2020 The Coronavirus crisis shows us how fragile and sensitive our living environments are. Everywhere taken for granted infrastructures collapse, or it becomes clear that they are insufficiently available or maintained. It has become apparent that we are far from having an overview of the situation. Everywhere researchers and journalists call […]

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