Co-Designing Citizen Social Science for Collective Action

As CoAct, we propose a radically new approach to tackle social global concerns related to mental health care, youth employment, environmental justice and gender equality by engaging citizens acting as co-researchers.

We invite you to the Citizen Social Science “CoAct for Mental Health” chatbot!

The chatbot is part of the CoAct for Mental Health project, one of the Research and Innovation Action pilots inside CoAct. There are not many chabots (we may dare to say that the current one is the first one) in the citizen science world. We believe that it is a very interesting tool that shall be further explored to run a …

CoAct open calls on Gender Equality – Welcome to our winners

On July 1st, 2021, the CoAct project launched three open calls, inviting European civil society initiatives to apply for our cascading grants of max. EUR 20.000,- to conduct Citizen Social Science research on the topic of Gender Equality.  The calls officially closed on September 30th, 2021. During these three months, CoAct facilitated several sessions and activities to …

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