Federació Salut Mental Catalunya (FSMC)
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Federació Salut Mental Catalunya (FSMC)

Who are we?

FSMC, is a federation network composed of more than 70 federated associations of users of mental health services and families, with more than 6,000 associated people in Catalonia.

FSMC actively participates in the Integral Mental Health Plan of the government of Catalonia, is member of Confederación Salud Mental España, and therefore of EUFAMI, Mental Health Europe and the World Federation for Mental Health. Our main objective is working for the social inclusion of people with mental health issues and wellbeing of caregivers and for the improvement of the public policies related to mental health issues. We represent and support the associative movement of people with mental health issues and their families and friends in Catalonia, to improve mental health, empowering the movement and contributing to the promotion of quality of life, rights defence, social awareness, equal opportunities and non-discrimination.

How do we matter for CoAct?

We are deeply connected with all the agents of the mental health ecosystem in Catalonia and in Barcelona: people with mental health issues, relatives, caregivers, associations, health professionals, public institutions, etc. FSMC’s mission is to contribute to improve quality of life, non-discrimination, and equal opportunities representing people with mental health issues and their relatives to defend the full exercise of rights, and to promote policies based on the community care model.

Our role within CoAct?

FSMC will lead the Research and Innovation Action #1, Mental Health Care in Barcelona, together with UB. Thanks to our network of 68 associations, our strong link with policymakers, public bodies, as well as our expertise regarding recovery model approaches, FSMC will orientate the Research and Inn

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