CoAct Webinar
June. 22nd, 2021

Our partner GIG is organising CoAct’s third webinar. This time we will discuss the framing of science by learning how scientifically rigor research is done outside academia.  We want to...

CoAct Webinar
May. 5th, 2021

Digital Youth Work. Challenges, Tools and Impact. Alicja Pawluczuk and Juha Kiviniemi, both experts in digital youth work, will share their expertise on how to include ‘hard-to-reach’ youth in digital youth work, discuss best practice examples...

Community hangout
Apr. 20th, 2021

Welcome to our first CoAct community hangout! The aim of our first hangout is to introduce our community to CoAct and our plans in regards to growing a Citizen Social Science (CSS) approach. We will answer questions and collectively identify the...

CoAct Webinar
Jan. 27th, 2021

On January 27th, 2021 we organised the first public CoAct webinar: Co-shaping evaluation in Citizen Science? Towards more participatory approaches in evaluation of Citizen Science in cooperation with ECSA and EU-Citizen.Science. Speakers:Anna...